Synthetic BAs and Derivatives

Since the hormonal properties of bile acids was established over 20 years ago, bile acids are now the focus of new drugs to treat metabolic and neurodegenerative diseases.

ICE Pharma can support drug discovery activities by providing bile acid building blocks for medicinal chemistry activities. We have an extensive range of 6-alphe ethyl CDCA intermediates and final product markers. Please enquire for bespoke bile acid derivatives our skilled chemistry team are available to assist.

ICE654 6-epi-allo-obeticholic acid

ICE656 allo-obeticholic acid

ICE658 6-epi-7-epi-allo-obetoicholic acid

ICE660 7-epi-allo-obeticholic acid

ICE666 3-keto-7-hydroxychol-4-enoic acid ethyl ester

ICE791 6a,7a-epoxy-3a-hydroxy-5b-cholanic acid

ICE954 Obeticholic Acid Triol Impurity