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ICE Pharma develops and manufactures a unique range of bile acid products. These include human, animal species and synthetic bile acids, their salts and amino acid conjugates. Through this website we offer these products to academic and research organisations to support the discover and development of new medicines.

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About ICE Pharma

We are a centre of excellence for research into bile acids and their use as medicines

ICE Pharma has 5 centres where we conduct research into bile acid chemistry. We also have a network of collaborations with leading global academic institutions involving chemistry, structural biology and clinical trials.

Our areas of research include the modification of bile acid structures using synthetic chemistry, the identification of the modes of action of bile acids in human biology and the application of bile acids to treat unmet medical needs.

We supply a diverse range of bile acids produced at different scales from milligrams in the laboratory for discovery chemistry up to multiton GMP quantities for commercial drugs.

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Bile Acids background

Bile acids are finding increased use as medicines to treat a wide variety of diseases.

Bile acids have been used for thousands of years in traditional Chinese medicine. This should not be surprising as they are structurally similar to steroid hormones. However, it was not until 1999 that chenodeoxycholic acid was discovered to be the natural ligand for the nuclear hormone receptor FXR.

This was followed in 2002 by the discovery that lithocholic acid is the ligand for G-protein coupled receptor TGR5. Thus, bile acids and their salts are essential in the homeostasis of metabolic activities.

Current research now extends to the study of bile acids to address a variety of conditions including motor neurone disease, Parkinson disease, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, liver diseases, oncology and activity as anti-viral/anti-microbial agents.

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  • Primary & Secondary Bile Acids

    ICE Pharma is an experienced developer and manufacturer of both primary and secondary bile acids, offering high quality products for research purposes. ICE can supply larger quantities of these products to support development and commercial activities.

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  • Bile Acid Conjugates

    ICE Pharma suppliers the standard conjugates to a host of bile acids and we are able to conjugate alternative amino acids to provide custom products as required. We also offer a range of microbial conjugated bile products.

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  • Human gut derived Bile Acids

    ICE Pharma are delighted to offer the most comprehensive human gut derived product range which will be extended as new gut derived bile acids are discovered. These include iso bile acids, allo bile acids and microbially conjugated bile acids including keto (oxo) derivatives.

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  • Synthetic Bile Acids and their Derivatives

    ICE Pharma can support drug discovery activities by providing bile acid building blocks for medicinal chemistry activities. We have an extensive range of 6-alphe ethyl CDCA intermediates and final product markers. Please enquire for bespoke bile acid derivatives.

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  • Non-human Bile Acids

    ICE Pharma offers synthetic bile acids and bile salts that are species specific, these include ranges for rodents, pigs and dogs. Please enquire if you require other species-specific bile acids

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Bile Acids Screening

ICE Pharma has developed a library of over 500 novel bile acid compounds as potential new treatments for a range of diseases.

We offer our unique library of patented compounds for screening in the discover phase of new drug development. We would like to partner with organisations who want to test novel bile acid structures as candidates to address unmet medical needs.

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