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  • Primary & Secondary BAs

    ICE Pharma is an established manufacturer of both primary and secondary bile acids, offering high quality products for research purposes. ICE can provide bulk supply of these products to support development and commercial activities.

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  • Bile Acid Conjugates

    ICE Pharma are able to supply these conjugates to a host of bile acids and we are able to conjugate alternative amino acids to provide custom products as required. We also offer a range of microbial conjugated bile products.

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  • Human gut derived BAs

    ICE Pharma are delighted to offer the most comprehensive human gut derived product range which will be extended as new gut derived bile acids are discovered. These include iso bile acids, allo bile acids and microbially conjugated bile acids along with keto (oxo) derivatives too.

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  • Synthetic BAs and their Derivatives

    ICE Pharma can support drug discovery activities by providing bile acid building blocks for medicinal chemistry activities. We have an extensive range of 6-alphe ethyl CDCA intermediates and final product markers. Please enquire for bespoke bile acid derivatives.

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  • Non-human BAs

    ICE Pharma offer synthetic bile acids and bile salts that are species specific, these include ranges for rodents, pigs and dogs. Please enquire if you need other species-specific bile acids.

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