Non-human BAs - Rat

ICE Pharma offer synthetic bile acids and bile salts that are species specific, these include ranges for rodents, pigs and dogs. Please enquire if you need other species-specific bile acids.

ICE002 Methyl cholate

ICE083 diketo-obeticholic acid

ICE084 Obeticholic acid

ICE153 diketo-allo-obeticholic acid

ICE156 6-epi-diketo-allo-obeticholic acid

ICE159 6-epi-diketo-obeticholic acid

ICE160 7-epi-iso-obeticholic acid

ICE161 7-epi-obeticholic acid

ICE162 iso-obeticholic acid

ICE168 6-epi-obeticholic acid

ICE175 7-keto-obeticholic acid

ICE176 7-keto-iso-obeticholic acid

ICE183 6-epi-iso-obeticholic acid

ICE185 Obeticholic acid methyl ester

ICE189 sodium 6a-ethyl-3a,7a-dihydroxy-23-sulfooxy-5b-24-nor-cholane

ICE292 6-epi-7-keto-obeticholic acid

ICE313 Obeticholic acid dimer

ICE418 Sodium 6a-ethyl-3a-hydroxy-7-keto-23-sulfooxy-5b-24-nor-cholane

ICE420 6-epi-3-keto-obeticholic acid

ICE421 6-epi-7-keto-iso-obeticholic acid

ICE487 6-epi-7-epi-obeticholic acid

ICE488 6-epi-7-epi-iso-obeticholic acid

ICE605 22-hydroxy-3,7-diketo-23,24-bisnor-5b-cholane

ICE650 6-epi-7-keto-allo-obeticholic acid

ICE652 7-keto-allo-obeticholic acid