Human Gut Derived BAs

The human gut houses the largest and most diverse population of microbes among the body’s many organs. Secondary bile acids are produced in the terminal ileum, the caecum, and the upper colon through deconjugation, dehydroxylation, oxidation, isopropylation, desulfurization, and esterification. Bile salt hydrolyase induces deconjugation and 7α-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase induces dehydroxylation, which are the two most important reactions in the process to make gut derived secondary bile acids.

ICE Pharma are delighted to offer the most comprehensive human gut derived product range which will be extended as new gut derived bile acids are discovered. These include iso bile acids, allo bile acids and microbially conjugated bile acids along with keto (oxo) derivatives too.

ICE960 Glycohyodeoxycholic acid

ICE961 Glycoisochenodeoxycholic acid

ICE962 Glycoisolithocholic acid

ICE963 Glycolithocholic acid

ICE964 3a-hydroxy-7-keto-5b-cholanoyltaurine

ICE965 Taurochenodeoxycholic acid

ICE966 Taurohyodeoxycholic acid

ICE967 Tauroisochenodeoxycholic acid

ICE968 Tauroisolithocholic acid

ICE969 Tauroisoursodeoxycholic acid

ICE970 Taurolithocholic acid

ICE971 Taurodeoxycholic acid

ICE972 7-keto-deoxycholic acid

ICE973 3-keto-7-hydroxychol-4-enoic acid