Bile Acid Conjugates

Bile acids are naturally coupled to either glycine or taurine in the liver to form bile salt conjugates. The bile salts are stored in the gall balder before being discharged in the duodenal lumen. Bile salts, they are amphipathic molecules and this property allows them to effectively emulsify lipids and fat soluble vitamins by forming micelles which aids digestion.

ICE Pharma are able to supply these conjugates to a host of bile acids and we are able to conjugate alternative amino acids to provide custom products as required. We also offer a range of microbial conjugated bile products.

ICE054 Sodium taurocholate

ICE140 Sodium taurochenodeoxycholate

ICE286 Sodium tauroursodeoxycholate

ICE908 Ursodeoxycholylphenylalanine

ICE909 Ursodeoxycholyltyrosine

ICE910 Ursodeoxycholylleucine

ICE911 Glycoisoursodeoxycholic acid

ICE913 Glycoursodeoxycholic acid

ICE942 Glycyl glycocholic acid

ICE943 Glycocholic acid

ICE944 Sodium taurodeoxycholate

ICE945 Sodium glycocholate

ICE947 Tauroursodeoxycholic acid

ICE948 Sodium Glycodeoxycholate

ICE957 N-(3a-hydroxy-7-keto-5b-cholanoyl)glycine

ICE958 Glycochenodeoxycholic acid

ICE959 Glycodeoxycholic acid

ICE960 Glycohyodeoxycholic acid

ICE961 Glycoisochenodeoxycholic acid

ICE962 Glycoisolithocholic acid

ICE963 Glycolithocholic acid

ICE964 3a-hydroxy-7-keto-5b-cholanoyltaurine

ICE965 Taurochenodeoxycholic acid

ICE966 Taurohyodeoxycholic acid

ICE967 Tauroisochenodeoxycholic acid